Our Dale Earnhardt Fan(s) of the Week.

Dale Earnhardt Foundation Presents "Intimidator Camaro"!

September 12, 2012…….The Dale Earnhardt Foundation officially presented the “Intimidator Camaro” to Tony Lanala, of Baraga, Michigan, on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Dale Earnhardt Inc. President and CEO Teresa Earnhardt presented the winner of the Foundation’s year-long fundraiser with the keys to the $86,000 vehicle at Dale Earnhardt Inc. Corporate Offices in Mooresville, NC. 

The 2011 Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Camaro is a highly modified, supercharged V8 powerhouse that produces 704hp and 695 lb-ft of torque at 11 psi boost.  Adding to its substantial performance is a highly modified suspension, chassis, exhaust system, brake rotors, fuel system, with customized interior and exterior finishes.  One of only 10 manufactured, each car was individualized with one of Earnhardt’s greatest accomplishments; this one represents his “2001 Most Popular Driver” Award.

The “Intimidator Camaro” was personally autographed by members of the Earnhardt Family. 

Upon setting eyes on his new vehicle for the first time, Lanala said “Am I dreaming?  Is this really happening?”   His name was chosen in a random drawing on Dale Earnhardt Day, April 29, 2012, but did not answer his phone when first called with the news.  A life-long Dale Earnhardt fan, he was in his local library using the internet to bid on a Dale Earnhardt shirt in an on-line auction.  When he stepped outside to return the call later, he was atypically at a loss for words. 

Four of his friends told him he’d never win.   But after speaking with his sister who told him “Tony, you’re always helping others.  This is the time to do something for yourself.”,  Lanala bought three tickets for the fundraiser.

Lanala was also treated to a private tour of Dale Earnhardt Inc. and presented with a birthday present by Taylor Earnhardt.  “I won the Camaro on Dale’s birthday (April 29th) and I’m picking it up on my birthday (September 12)!”

Proceeds from the Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Camaro Raffle will go towards the development of the Dale Earnhardt environmental training campus  for youth, which embodies three things that Dale Earnhardt was supportive of:  Children, Education, and Wildlife/Environmental Conservation.    

Lanala plans to work closely with the Dale Earnhardt Foundation in the future.  “Everyone cares about supporting children, education, and wildlife.  What happens there impacts all of us.”