Our Dale Earnhardt Fan(s) of the Week.

Dale Earnhardt Day 2012
Sunday, April 29th

Dale Earnhardt Inc. welcomed a large crowd for the 10th Annual "Dale Earnhardt Day", on Sunday April 29th, 2012.

Birthday cupcakes were given to all in attendance, in honor of the "Intimidator's" birthday.

Fans were treated to the Grand Opening of the newest exhibit in the Dale Earnhardt Inc. Showroom: "Dale Earnhardt Inc. - A Racing Heritage". The display features both Teresa and Dale's racing backgrounds; and how they went on to achieve great success in the sport, and in their business ventures.

The Grand Showroom at Dale Earnhardt Inc. is only opened to the public once a year, on April 29th, in honor of his birthday, and allows fans an opportunity to see special cars from the DEI Collection.

Fans also enjoyed the "Dale Day Trivia Contest", searching the new display for answers to their assigned trivia questions, and taking home some very nice prizes for their efforts.

The Dale Earnhardt Foundation awarded the “2011 Legend Leadership Award” to Amber Adams, for her project “Hidden Dangers Uncovered”, and her work to educate the public on the implications of environmental toxins.  
Click here to learn more on Amber’s work, and the Legend Leadership Award. 

One of the highlights of the day was announcing the winner of the "Intimidator Camaro". The custom-made powerhouse has been featured in a fund-raising raffle for the Dale Earnhardt Foundation and this year on Dale Day,
a winner was chosen. Proceeds from the raffle go to supporting the charitable programs and grants that sustain Dale's lifelong commitment to Children, Education and Environmental/Wildlife Preservation.