Our Dale Earnhardt Fan(s) of the Week.

Wells Fargo, Duke Energy, & NASCAR Hall of Fame to Honor Dale Earnhardt with Red Light Display in Charlotte

Dale Earnhardt will be honored again this year when the Charlotte, North Carolina skyline is lit up with an impressive red glow on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

Both the 786-foot tall Duke Energy Center owned by Wells Fargo and the NASCAR Hall of Fame plan to change their outside displays to red lights in tribute of the late seven-time NASCAR Champion and in honor of his birthday on Wednesday, April 29.   

The illuminated tribute is set to coincide with the annual Dale Day commemoration at Dale Earnhardt Inc., in Mooresville, North Carolina.

For more information on Dale Day 2015, visit www.daleearnhardtinc.com or Dale Earnhardt Inc. on Facebook.