At his first race, Dale Earnhardt walked on the track looking like one of us. He laughed and joked like one of us. He worked hard for his family like one of us. He sat with good friends all night like one of us. He loved his family like one of us. He believed that anything was possible like one of us. Dale loved to race and he represented what we all believe is possible.

His life was infused with passions...... his racing, his family, his farm, nature and his friends. He lived life to the fullest in every regard, and lived without compromise. Beyond his accomplishments on the track and his "Intimidator" persona, Dale was a man of the people, a man from a different time, place and attitude. From the way he came from humble beginnings and earned it all, to the way he worked hard and played harder, he is America personified.

The mere mention of the name Dale Earnhardt provokes emotions of respect, idolization and a breathtaking sense of awe in race fans and people around the world. His daring and calculated moves on the track were as familiar as his advice and extensions of friendship off the track.

Dale's accomplishments on the race track are legendary. But equally legendary was his ability to connect with an entire nation. His legacy is alive today through the company he founded, the family he raised, and the continued loyalty of his fans.