It all started in a garage.

Formed by Dale and Teresa Earnhardt in February of 1980, Dale Earnhardt, Inc. started with a simple dream.

In 1983, Teresa became the first person on the payroll assisting Dale in his racing ventures. The first "corporate headquarters" was a three-bay garage where Dale had an office.

As the need for additional space for racecars and equipment grew, Dale and Teresa moved the offices into a brick house located next door on Coddle Creek Highway. There were five offices for a handful of employees with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. fielding a part-time Busch Series team for its namesake.

Following years of success with their hand-picked drivers, the small garage became a state-of the art racing complex, built to the exact specifications of Dale and Teresa's vision.

Still built from the dreams of that small garage, Dale Earnhardt, Inc. continues their vision through racing operations with activities in racing, philanthropy, activities and continuing Dale's legacy.